Group Theses Archive

J. Brooke Koffend October, 1978 CW Optically Pumped Molecular Iodine Laser
Richard A. Gottscho February, 1979 Laser Spectroscopy of Alkaline Earth Oxide Flames and Deperturbation of Diatomic Molecular Spectra
Paul S. Weiss May, 1980 The Computerization of Laser Spectroscopy
Peter F. Bernath November, 1980 Laser Spectroscopy of Alkaline Earth Monohalides
Ronald F. Marks February, 1981 Laser Spectroscopy of CaO: Structure and Dynamics of Excited Electronic States in a Low Pressure Flame
Michael Dulick May, 1982 Spectroscopic Studies of the Diatomic Rare-Earth Oxides
David E. Reisner May, 1983 Selective Vibrational Excitation of Formaldehyde ˜X1A1 by Stimulated Emission Pumping
Precila Chuey Fong Ip September, 1983 Laser Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Magnesium + Nitrous Oxide Flame Systems
Evan H. Abramson March, 1985 Molecular Acetylene in States of Extreme Vibrational Excitation
Gunjit Chawla March, 1985 Study of Long Range Potentials in Excited States of Diatomic Sodium Using Modulated Gain Spectroscopy
Stephen A. McDonald June, 1985 Spectroscopy of Diatomic Rare-Earth Oxides: YbO and EuO
Harold Schall August, 1985 Sub-Doppler Zeeman Spectroscopy of CeO and Laser Spectroscopy of LaF
Nisha N. Shah October, 1985 Quantum Beat Spectroscopy of Acetylene
Patrick H. Vaccaro September, 1986 Spectroscopy and Kinetics of Highly Excited Formaldehyde
Ron A. Soltz May, 1987 CaO A′1Π – E1Σ Band System Analysis
Stewart M. Cameron September, 1987 Photon Echo Studies of Quantum Diffractive Superposition State Scattering Kernels
Jeffrey A. Gray September, 1987 Laser Spectroscopy and a Supermultiplet Structure Model for Nickel Hydride
Yongqin Chen July, 1988 Spectroscopic Studies of Highly Excited Acetylene
Jeffrey B. Norman July, 1988 Sub-Doppler Spectroscopy and Collisional Dynamics of Open-Shell Diatomc Molecules: CaO and CaF
Peter G. Green August, 1989 Acetylene Near Dissociation: Novel Effects of External Fields
David P. Baldwin August, 1989 Laser Spectroscopy and Electronic Structure of CaO
Scott D. Halle January, 1990 Spectroscopic Studies of Collision-Induced Energy Transfer and Intramolecular Dynamics of Formaldehyde
Thomas D. Varberg September, 1990 Laser Spectroscopic Studies of Manganese Hydride and Cobalt Hydride
James K. Lundberg February, 1992 Double Resonance Studies of Electronically Excited Acetylene
James E. Murphy May, 1992 Laser Spectroscopic Studies of Rydberg States in Calcium Monofluoride
Sarah Jane Cohen June, 1992 The Use of SEP Spectroscopy to Examine the Molecular Dynamics of Acetylene (Master's)
David M. Jonas June, 1992 Spectroscopy of Vibrationally Hot Molecules: Hydrogen Cyanide and Acetylene
Michael C. McCarthy July, 1992 Novel Spectroscopic Approaches to the Study of the Electronic Spectra and Structure of Transition Metal-Containing Diatomic Molecules
Ernest Friedman-Hill September, 1992 Continuous-Wave Intracavity Laser Spectroscopy of Diatomic Free Radicals
Jianghong Wang May, 1994 Spectroscopic Study of Methinophosphide and Isocyanogen (Masters)
Peter H. Mao May, 1994 A Search for the Quartet State of HCO (B.S.)
George W. Adamson July, 1994 The Spectroscopy of the Formyl Radical
Günter M. Schmid September, 1994 Dynamical Symmetry Breaking in Molecules and Molecular Aggregates
Bhavani Rajaram January, 1995 Optical-Optical Double Resonance Study of the 31A′ State of HCP
Zygmunt Jakubek February, 1995 Rydberg Spectroscopy of Barium Monofluoride
Christoper Gittins February, 1995 Electronic Structure and Electronic-Vibrational Energy Exchange in Rydberg States of Calcium Monofluoride
Nicole Harris September, 1995 Rydberg Spectroscopy of Calcium Monofluoride and Calcium Monochloride
Neme Nnolim September, 1995 A Comparison of Signal-to-Noise Characteristics: Fourier Transform Enhanced Magnetic Rotation Spectroscopy and Dispersive Spectroscopy (Masters)
Stephani Solina May, 1996 Intramolecular Dynamics of Acetylene
Jonathan Bloch May, 1996 Extending Frequency Modulation Spectroscopy: Sensitive and Selective High Resolution Laser Absorption in the Visible and Ultraviolet
Jonathan O'Brien September, 1997 Acetylene: Dispersed Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Intramolecular Dynamics
Ilia Dubinsky February, 1998 Application of Highly Sensitive Spectroscopic Techniques to the Study of Intramolecular Dynamics and Remote Sensing (joint student with J. Steinfeld)
James Janni June, 1998 Infrared Vibrational Kerr Spectroscopy (joint student with J. Steinfeld)
Matthew Jacobson  June, 1999 Spectroscopic Patterns Encode Unimolecular Dynamics
Kevin Cunningham  July, 2000 The Surface Ejection of Electrons by Laser Excited Metastables Spectroscopy of Acetylene
Selen Altunata  July, 2001 Intersystem Crossing in Acetylene: A Mechanistic Study
Michelle Silva  October, 2001 Spectroscopic Investigations of the ˜X and à State Dynamics of 13C2H2
Jason Clevenger  February, 2002 Spectra and Dynamics of Calcium Monochloride
Zicheng Duan  September, 2002 Spectroscopic Study of the Acetylene Species
Serhan Altunata  May, 2006 Generalized Quantum Defect Methods in Quantum Chemistry
Ryan Thom  May, 2006 Spectroscopic Investigations of Intersystem Crossing and Triplet State Structure in Acetylene
Bryan Wong  May, 2007 Quantum Chemistry for Spectroscopy — A Tale of Three Spins (S = 0, ½, and 1)
Jeff Kay
Part 1, Chapters 1-4
Part 2, Chapters 5-8
 August, 2007 Rydberg Series of Calcium Monofluoride: Spectrum, Structure and Dynamics
Vladimir Petrovic  December, 2008 Toward Pure Electronic Spectroscopy
Adam Steeves  June, 2009 Electronic Signatures of Large Amplitude Motions
Joshua Baraban  September, 2013 Spectroscopic Signatures of Isomerization
Yan Zhou  June, 2014 Direct observation of Rydberg-Rydberg transitions via CPmmW spectroscopy
George Barratt Park  February, 2015 Dynamically Motivated Spectroscopy of Small Polyatomic Molecules
David Grimes  June, 2017 Millimeter-Wave Dynamics and Control of Rydberg-Rydberg Transitions
Trevor Erickson  June, 2020 Laser Spectroscopy of Acetylene
Timothy Barnum  February, 2020 Spectroscopy and Dynamics of High Orbital Angular Momentum Rydberg States
Alexander Hull  September, 2020 Collisional Transfer Between Excited Electronic States as a Mechanism for Sulfur Mass-Independent Fractionation

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