Doing a UROP in the Field Group

Bob Field's group is looking for UROPs interested in learning about experimental physical chemistry. We have had many UROPs in our group, and we hope to have many more. There are more detailed descriptions of our research elsewhere on this website, but briefly, we use lasers to study the quantum structure and dynamics of molecules in the gas phase. This is a good group to join if you are a chemistry or physics student interested in studying the basic interactions that create chemical bonds and experimental techniques used to learn about them. While the systems we study are very complicated, there are many opportunities for someone with little experience to jump in and make a contribution while learning what Spectroscopic Awesomeness is all about.

Since people are generally classical, you probably fall into one of two categories:

If you have taken quantum mechanics, you can participate more fully in the design and analysis of experiments. If you have not, you can help build and run our experimental setups until you take quantum mechanics. We have a number of projects, each of which has different needs, but in general we like to see...