Of course, any veteran member of the Field Group can help you get started, but just for reference...

Checking In

New group members should see Peter Giunta in 6-215. He will add you to the appropriate accounts and give you card access to the lab and office.

New postdocs should see Michele Harris at Chemistry Headquarters (18-392). She will give you the appropriate forms to get you into the system. You can obtain your official MIT ID at the card office in E32-117.

Postdoctoral associates will need to proceed to the Human Resources Department in E19-215 and obtain a New Hire Kit. This kit will assist you in enrolling in health insurance and retirement plans and get you acquainted with other benefits offered at MIT.

Accounts and Purchasing

For a more detailed discussion, please refer to the Purchasing page.

New group members should first get authorization on the appropriate grants and obtain account numbers. Get this from Peter.

Card Access

Peter will arrange to give you card access where you need it:

Office (6-022)
Main Lab (6-031)
Wet Lab (2-025)

Safety Training

Everybody must complete the department safety training program. You must

Laser Safety

Everyone must complete the laser safety training course. You can schedule an appointment by calling the MIT Radiation Protection Program (RPP) at x2-2180. Upon completing the course, arrange to have an eye exam at MIT medical. RPP will provide you with the appropriate forms.

You must also submit a signed copy of the Laser Safety Clearance Form to Chemistry Headquarters.

The training is required but insufficient. Make sure those you will be working with show you all the safety precautions and tell you about all the hazards in the lab.

Scheduling Appointments with Bob

To schedule an appointment with Bob, you must log onto his Microsoft Exchange calendar. Once Bob has given you access rights, you can add his calendar and schedule appointments with him as you wish.

Photocopying/Miscellaneous Codes

A list of "Top Secret" codes can be found posted in the office. This list includes the account number to access the department copy facilities located on the 2nd floor of Building 2.